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Reassessing Greece: Antonis Liakos On The Requirement

For Progressive Education Reforms

AntonisLiakos is a leading Greek historian, Professor Emeritus of Contemporary History and History of Historiography at the University of Athens and handling editor of the journal Historein.

He is head of Greece s Committee for National and Social Dialogue for Education Reform. Inaugurated in December 2015, the activities of the Dialogue Committee included debates on a weekly basis, working sub-committees and unique workshops (website in Greek: A series of reforms are being prepared for secondary education in Greece, after professor Liakos submitted the Committee’s recommendations to the Ministry of Education on May 27 2016.

Teacher Liakos talked to Rethinking Greece * about education reforms and their political nature, educations reproductive and redistributive function, welfare state, demo-crisis and the financial and political restraints for left-wing politics in Greece.

Exactly what are the primary components of the proposals recently sent by the National and Social Committee for Education Reform?

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Stakeholder Input for State ESSA Plans

It's easy to grumble about laws and policies we don't like, much harder to craft policies that make complex systems function efficiently. When it concerns federal education law and policy, we're beginning the shift from No Child Left Behind to every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The brand-new federal act calls on states to collect stakeholder input as they establish a state plan for ESSA implementation, and last week, I had the opportunity to participate in that process. At the end of this post there's more info for Californians who want to be included

Here are a few of my takeaway ideas and observations from the experience.

Where are the instructors?

At the start of the conference, our facilitator from the California Department of Education (CDE), Barbara Murchison, asked the 40-50 individuals present about our task description.

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Use efficiency as a gauge of native tongue education


The initiatives discussed in the report Immersion programs, internships in the works to enhance use of mother tongue (July 4) have actually been mooted before. And unless there are more concrete ways to measure their efficiency and, by extension, how students have actually benefited from these initiatives little progress will be made.

Despite efforts to raise the standard of second-language education, anecdotes seem to show that lots of Singaporeans continue to have a hard time with its use in school, and in the work environment.

A frequently mentioned fact is the percentage of students taking Higher Chinese, Malay, or Tamil at the GCE O-Level assessments, yet 3 points are typically ignored.

Initially, students who pass both English and their Higher Mother Tongue topics will be provided a concession of two points when they use to a junior college, so that might operate as an incentive.

Second, while the choice to study a Higher Mother Tongue is mainly based on Primary School Leaving Examination scores, schools too have the flexibility to enable students who do not meet the criteria to do so.

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